Friday, December 30, 2011

Are Canker Sores Making You Cantankerous?

Despite what many people think, cold sores and canker sores are not the same condition. While cold sores usually appear on a person’s lips and are very contagious, canker sores are actually a type of ulcer that occurs on the soft inside areas of a person’s mouth, like the tongue or cheeks. Canker sores are typically red with a white center and may cause tingling or burning in a person’s mouth. At this time, doctors are still unsure of the exact cause of these sores, but they seem to occur most often in teens and 20-somethings... (read more)

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Dental Health for your Baby

You may know that it’s not a good idea to consume food or beverage that has come from a damaged container, but do you give your prescription drugs the same amount of scrutiny? It’s dangerous to take medication that has been tampered with because it could negatively impact your health or introduce elements to your body not intended by the drug manufacturer. To prevent these negative consequences, the FDA suggests people consider... (read more)

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